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Learning & Study Support

Learning and Study Support Overview

Supporting undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers.

What do you need help with?

Below are some examples of study skills and good academic practice that are supported by the Library:

  • Assignment and dissertation writing
  • Reading
  • Research
  • Referencing and Citation
  • Copyright
  • Note taking
  • Presentation
  • Exams and Revision
  • Grammar
  • Maths and Statistics
  • Assistive software
  • Digital Skills in Learning Technologies

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Developing 'Good Academic Practice': Explained

Dedicated teams in the library offer a range of learning and study support to help you build and improve your academic practice. You will be expected to apply good academic skills through your course and to demonstrate this through completing module assignments, dissertations or research etc. 

Good academic practice involves presenting your own work honestly; being able to express with clarity your own thoughts and ideas and by applying the appropriate academic style e.g. using correct referencing and citation to demonstrate acknowledgement of using other resources. Importantly, these skills are essential to avoid academic offences and 'bad academic practice'.

Our Centres and services in the Library can assist and support in the development of good academic practice by developing these core skills: writing, reading, assignment development, searching resources effectively, maths and statistics, digital & IT skills; research support and subject specific support. 

Additional Resources

How to Undertake a Literature Search and Review: for dissertations and final year projects 

If you are undertaking research for a project or dissertation, you will find that you will need to do a literature review, based on the findings of your literature search. This guide is mainly about the literature search process, but there are also some suggestions on how you might structure your literature review.

Information Source Evaluation Matrix

The Information Source Evaluation Matrix is a tool to help you assess the value of journal articles, books, websites, images, and any other form of information within the context of a specific task i.e. an assignment.