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Librarians: Referencing

Referencing at DMU

The University Learning and Teaching Committee endorsed a recommendation from Library & Learning Services to update the university’s Harvard style to Harvard (Cite Them Right) for disciplines that use Harvard as their default referencing style.

  • All new students should now use the Harvard (Cite Them Right) style from September 2020.
  • Continuing/returning students may either update to Cite Them Right, or continue using DMU Harvard as their referencing style. This is a decision that can be taken at programme team level. Guidance on the style to use should be made clear in programme handbooks and associated documentation.
  • Disciplines that use non-Harvard styles can continue to recommend these styles to students, as long as they are one of the 8 referencing styles contained within Cite Them Right Online.
  • DMU Harvard as the university’s default Harvard referencing style will be gradually phased out.

The DMU Referencing guide is the starting point to referencing at DMU and can be accessed by clicking the referencing icon on the Library home page (under Library Essentials). It  provides access to the DMU Good Academic Practice Map, to sources of referencing support at DMU as well as to relevant content within Cite Them Right Online i.e. general guidance on referencing as well as style specific guidance. It also includes a link to DMU Harvard guidance (until it is completely phased out).

Harvard referencing for students

A video introducing referencing and Cite them right - This video is aimed at new students using Harvard (Cite Them Right). It is a short introduction (5 mins) to referencing, the starting points and where to go for support.  It can be added to student's Blackboard shells either as a video or as an embedded Powerpoint.

A more in depth narrated interactive presentation  'How to cite and reference in the Harvard style'  based on the presentation delivered as part of the Open Programme workshops.

Short introduction to referencing for students (as embedded Powerpoint)

Introduction to Cite them right for staff

Referencing at DMU - an introduction to Cite them right - This is a short course aimed at staff introducing Cite them right and highlighting the main differences between  Harvard (Cite Them Right) and DMU Harvard.