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Librarians: Finding & Evaluating Information

Finding & Evaluating Information

The Librarians can support your skills development in finding and selecting the best quality information.

Finding Information

PDF guide to finding information for assignments 

This guide discusses the types of information you might need in an assignment and how to find them.

DMU Resource Lists

Resource Lists are created by module leaders to direct you to key literature for the module and assignments. You can find them in LearningZone module shells or through the above link.

Using Library Search

Help using our main search tool

E-books guide 

A guide to accessing and downloading our e-books.

Subject Guides

These guides direct you to key resources and support for your subject area.

FAQs for Literature Searching

Literature searching for a systematic review online course

This course takes you through how to conduct the literature search section of a systematic review, including using PICO and SPIDER frameworks, using reference management software, and completing your PRISMA diagram.

Evaluating Information

Critical Thinking Toolkit

A toolkit showing how to be critical with information: evaluate its reliability, read it critically and use it in assignments.

Video: To use or not to use: Critically evaluating sources of information

CASP Checklists

Checklists to help you critically appraise different types of literature.

Getting hold of books and articles not held by the library

If we don't have access to a book or journal article you need you may be able to request it via Inter-Library Loan.

FAQs for Inter-Library Loan

Library Access Browser Extension

Library Access is a browser extension that allows you to connect with our subscriptions when searching the Internet. If material is behind a paywall and we have access Library Access will provide you with a link to the material.

Get support

Alternatively you can talk to us at a Drop-In, make an appointment with your Librarian or book a place on a Workshop.