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CLaSS Student Resources: Reading

Getting started with your reading

A good place to start when deciding what to read is the DMU resource list for your module. Your library subject guide is another good starting point. It is best to be selective about what you read and focus on good quality sources.

Remember that you don’t need to read everything. Use some of the reading strategies highlighted in these resources will help make the most of your time. The Higher Education Assignment Toolkit has sections on finding information and making reading more manageable.

The resources on the page below take you through the process of finding and evaluating information.

This interactive guide provides a range of strategies to help with reading information for your assignments:

5 minute videos

Reading a journal article

There are many different critiquing frameworks depending on your subject. One of the most widely used frameworks is CASP.

Technology to support your reading

You can use Text to Speech software to help you with your reading; we have a range available at DMU, see the Assistive technology guide for more details. You can also use Immersive reader in Word to change the colour of the screen or to read aloud. To get support with this, make an appointment to see the digital partners.

Further support with your reading

Link to Workshops
Link to Drop-In