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Centre for Learning and Study Support (CLaSS): Staff curriculum and writing support

FAQs: Working with CLaSS on your course

What is CLaSS? 

How can CLaSS help me and my students? 

Examples of topics, types of assessment and potential sessions CLaSS can run  

If I would like more information or to book a session for my students what is the next step? 

E-Self Assessment Exercise (e-SAE) information for staff

DMU Writing Circle

Meet. Write. Learn.

The DMU Writing Circle is open to all staff (academic and professional services) and research students who want to get some writing done in a supportive environment. The Writing Circle is part of our broader 'Writing Communities' offer. For more information see:

DMU Writing Communities

Learning Communities at DMU

Curriculum request form

If you would like to request a session please fill out the booking form on the link above. For more information on the support available  from the library please see our staff page.