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Centre for Learning and Study Support (CLaSS): e-Self Assessment Exercise

What is the SAE? 

Prior to arriving at DMU, all level 4 students will have been sent the Self-Assessment Exercise (SAE) and encouraged to complete it before their arrival on campus. The aim of the e-SAE is to allow students to reflect on their strengths and identify areas that need further development

How can the SAE help your students


The DMU Self Assessment Exercise (SAE) provides all level 4 students with the opportunity to reflect on their current confidence levels and perceived ability in relation to study skills. The exercise covers development areas such as academic writing, reading and information management.

Programme Staff: Reflecting on the results in the SAE can be used as part of your programme induction. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how Learning Services can support you to do this.

Personal Tutors: If the student completes the SAE they have the ability to print the results. We recommend that these results are brought to the first or second personal tutoring appointment to inform a developmental discussion. See out personal tutor guide for more information.