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Centre for Learning and Study Support (CLaSS): Bitesize videos

What is CLaSS Bitesize?

Student working on a laptopCLaSS Bitesize is a suite of short videos introducing a particular academic skill.

Topics include:

  • Critical writing
  • Planning
  • Structure
  • Exam technique
  • Verbal presentation skills
  • Good academic practice, and more besides.

How do I use CLaSS Bitesize?

CLaSS Bitesize videos have been recorded and stored in DMU Replay.

Videos are between 5 and 10 minutes long. They are designed to be short enough that they can be included within a lecture, seminar or lab session, or can be embedded in the Blackboard module shell.

Help and Support

For further support in embedding CLaSS Bitesize into Blackboard, to comment on, or request additional Bitesize content, please contact the CLaSS team. 

T: 0116 257 7042

Accessing Bitesize content

All our Bitesize content has been housed in the DMU Replay folder “CLaSS bitesize videos for faculty use” which is accessible to anyone in our organisation:

  1. Visit the link below

  2. Within this folder, you will find sub-folders categorising the topics covered.

  3. Select the appropriate topic

  4. Select the desired video

  5. Copy video into the folder for your module

  6. Add to your Blackboard shell and / or link to from a PowerPoint presentation