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Centre for Learning and Study Support (CLaSS): Exams and Revision

Exams and Revision

  Focus on Exams and Revision

Download our PDF guide on how to get started with your revision

  • Managing the exam
  • Preparing for the exam
  • Writing revision notes


The following clips were recorded during a group mentoring session and a Q&A panel for the annual Dissertation Conference. 
Students put questions to DMU mentors and DMU staff. This selection of clips offers advice around exams and revision.

Captions and transcripts are also available.

Revision Tip

“Don’t worry about your peers, focus on yourself.”

DMU mentor, Colina on exams

Revision Techniques

“Start with what you know, because they're the easy wins.”

DMU Senior Lecturer, Louise on revision techniques

Stress and Revision

“If you’re stressed – nothing sticks”

DMU mentor and Hewlett Packard representative, Paul on stress and revision

Exams and Self-belief

“I’m going to fail, I’ve fallen at the last hurdle.”

DMU mentor, Kit on persevering at exams and self-belief