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Centre for Learning and Study Support (CLaSS): HEAT Toolkit

HEAT: Overview

The Higher Education Assignment Toolkit has been designed to help students transitioning to Higher Education with their first Assignment.

There are a number of different ways that you can access the HEAT. Select the version that suits your needs best.

Screenshot of the Interactive HEAT

Interactive HEAT: Tap this link to try out the interactive version of the toolkit. This guide contains videos, questions and interactive elements to really get you thinking about your assignment.(Tap this link for the Flash version if you're using an older browser)

HEAT Podcast: In the tab to the right you can find the audio only version of the toolkit. Download and listen to it on the go, or whenever you need a quick reminder of the tips within.
PDF HEAT: In the tab below you can view or download pdf versions of the full toolkit, or each separate stage of the toolkit.
Infographics and templates: The infographics and templates associated with the HEAT can be found for viewing or downloading in the tab to the right.


HEAT Podcast

Tap below to download the audio only version of the Higher Education Assignment Toolkit. The timecodes for each stage are as follows:

Stage 1: 00:03:31 -  00:25:46

Stage 2: 00:25:46 - 00:42:04

Stage 3: 00:42:04 - 00:52:46

Stage 4: 00:52:46 - 01:08:05

Stage 5: 01:08:05 - 01:32:17

Stage 6: 01:32:17 - 01:43:52