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Maths Learning Centre (MLC): Postgraduate Students


The MLC is currently supporting students online.

Resources can be found on our Maths and Statistics resource pages and you can contact us by going to our contact us page.

Researcher Development Programme

We run three optional research methods courses on the Researcher Development Programme. For more information or to book onto these courses contact:

This workshop will provide an overview on statistical analysis, explore the differences between independent and dependent variables and consider different data types. This workshop will outline key descriptive statistics and techniques to choosing the right statistical test. It will also explain what a p-value is and how this can be reported in relation to the research question(s).This workshop is 2 hours long.


SPSS is a software package used to conduct statistical analysis. This workshop will give an introduction on how to get started with SPSS. It will also look at the different ways of describing data using SPSS (e.g. frequencies, percentages, mean, standard deviation and charts). This is essential as it can provide a better understanding of the data before analysis is carried out.This workshop is 3.5 hours long


This workshop will provide an overview of various non-parametric and parametric tests which explore differences and relationships. The statistical tests covered in this workshop are: Independent and Paired Samples T-Test, Mann Whitney U-test, Kruskal Wallis Test, Chi-squared Test, Spearman Rank Correlation and Pearson Product Moment Correlation.This workshop is 3.5 hours long


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This is a free resource and you do not need to sign up to access it, instead in your search engine, type 'Laerd **name of the statistical test**' and you will get a step-by-step guide with screenshots on how to carry this out on SPSS. For example, type:
Laerd testing for normality
Laerd independent t-test

MLC Services

Postgraduate research students and masters students can also access the MLC:

Online one-to-one tutorials to discuss the statistical analysis of your project. We can provide advice on what techniques might be appropriate and suggest resources to guide you. We are not able to do the analysis for you, advise on the subject of the project, provide technical support or proof read. 

Statistics workshops

  • Using your Casio calculator to do simple statistics
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Statistical analysis: Descriptive statistics
  • Statistical analysis: Choosing the right statistical tests
  • Getting started on SPSS (1) - Induction to SPSS & Descriptive statistics
  • Statistical data analysis using SPSS (2) - Independent and Paired T-tests
  • Statistical data analysis using SPSS (3) - Correlation test and Chi-squared test for association
  • Statistical data analysis using SPSS (4) - ANOVA and Regression analysis
  • Interpreting statistical data from the literature
  • Reporting your statistical analysis

E-tutorials where you can get statistical advice if you are a distance learner, part time student or postgraduate student on placement. For more information email