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Maths Learning Centre (MLC): Meet our Team

Meet the team


We are specialists at working with students from across the University to help develop proficiency and confidence in maths . This includes undergraduate and postgraduate  students, who are studying full-time, part-time or by distance learning.  

We come from a range of academic and teaching backgrounds and our combined experience means we are able to offer support to students from all faculties within DMU.

In particular, we recognise that many students did not have the opportunity to develop their skills before starting their HE programmes of study and may feel overwhelmed by the level of maths and statistics required for their course. We pride ourselves in helping to improve their understanding and become more confident, independent learners. 

Feedback from our students shows that we are very approachable, patient and friendly.

Together we form the Maths Learning Centre and are based in the Kimberlin Library here at De Montfort.

You can contact us using the email below:


Karen Symons

Karen Symons 

I help students with Maths-related queries during tutorials and drop ins.

In addition, I work closely with Engineering staff to support ENGZ0001, ENGD1101, ENGD1102 modules; with Nursing staff to support all years of the Nursing programme; with Midwifery staff to support all years of the Midwifery programme and with Pharmacy staff to support the PHAR1701 module.

I also work alongside the Careers team to support students prepare to pass Numerical Reasoning tests which are often needed when applying for placements, progression onto further study and for employment.  

I have a wealth of experience of working with students who sometimes need a different way to understand maths or are not feeling very confident. I like to think that my aim - for all students to feel supported and to succeed -  is reflected in my welcoming, open manner and patient, positive approach.

Lorraine Curotto

Lorraine Curotto

As well as supporting DMU students through drop-ins, tutorials etc, I also contribute to teaching the first year Engineers, Foundation Computing, Computer Games Programming, and Computer Science. I also run Statistics workshops for Business Economics and Accounts and Finance.

Before coming to DMU in January 2022, I taught Maths and Statistics in schools and Sixth Forms across Leicestershire. It’s been really interesting, and in some cases surprising, to discover the courses across the University which rely on an understanding of GCSE or A level Maths. I can see how the style and pace of teaching at the University is very different from that in schools and colleges.

I have enjoyed broadening my own maths knowledge, including learning about decibels from the Audiologists and NEWS and PEWS charts from the Nurses. It has also been very satisfying to see statistical theory being put into practice through the many research projects and dissertations we help to support.

Peter Norton

Peter Norton

I am a Maths & Statistics support lecturer in the Maths Learning Centre.

I help students with both mathematics and statistics queries. I am the lead lecturer for statistics support. Most degrees involve statistical analysis at some stage, whether it is understanding statistics reported in literature, designing and analysing a questionnaire or more involved statistical hypothesis tests. Choosing the right statistical test and using SPSS are frequent subjects that come up.

If students need help with statistics it is most likely me they will see for a tutorial or at one of our regular drop-ins. I support researchers as well as undergraduates and provide statistics workshops for modules across a broad range of degree programmes. I have a lot of experience in helping students with a very wide range of backgrounds; if you’re unsure about statistics at any level, you’re not alone!

My background is in applied mathematics. My Ph.D. was in modelling and robust control of systems with nonlinear and uncertain dynamics in an aerospace context. I have been teaching mathematics at different levels for over 20 years. I have been a programme lead for foundation pathways in science and engineering and a course writer and developer for several institutions.