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What is a drop-in?

Drop-in operates on a first-come-first-served basis and gives you the opportunity to speak with a tutor or librarian about an aspect of your work, including:

  • Academic writing and study skills
  • Citation and referencing
  • Digital skills
  • Finding information
  • Maths support

You can choose to attend:

You can come individually, with a friend or in a small group.

Drop-in Opening Hours


What our students say about drop-in

"I would definitely recommend this session to anyone study at DMU. This session gave me an idea on what the assessor will look at when they assess my work. It also help me to understand when to use references. Brilliant service!" (Undergraduate, Social Work)

"Excellent service, very knowledgeable lady! Highly recommended." (Postgraduate / Masters, English Language Teaching)

"I was unsure whether the work I was doing met the criteria, the feedback given allowed me to pause and re evaluate my plans. Having submitted the essay today I feel optimistic." (Undergraduate, Criminology and Criminal Justice)

"The session was absolutely informative.  It has opened some  best knowledge I didn't have on the subject. The tutor was very clear and precise." (Undergraduate, Nursing)

"It was of enormous help to me to be able to clarify the things I was unsure of but the guidance I received has really made all the difference. I feel as if I can go away and do this now!" (Undergraduate, Fine Art)

"Very knowledgable staff - approachable and helpful." (Undergraduate, Animation Design)

"I have got really great feedback about my writing structure." (Undergraduate, Architecture)

"The teacher was super helpful. Having a one to one was really useful ad I could ask anything I was confused about and the teacher helped." (Undergraduate, Education)

"I had a few queries about referencing a day before my assignment is due. The librarians explanation was clear and concise." (Undergraduate, Criminology and Criminal Justice)

"I have an understanding of what I was seeking in a short conversation. I really appreciate this and moving forward I will apply the knowledge gained in all my assessments." (Undergraduate, Law)

Maths Summer Support

Just for the summer, we are replacing our Maths and Statistics drop-in sessions with BOOKABLE TUTORIALS.