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Maths Learning Centre (MLC): Numerical Reasoning Tests

Information on Numerical Reasoning Tests

A numerical reasoning test is a form of psychometric assessment commonly used by employers when recruiting for a job.

It is specifically designed to measure a candidate’s numerical aptitude and ability to interpret, analyse and draw conclusions from sets of data, tables and graphs.

In a competitive market a wide range of employers use a variety of methods to narrow down the pool of candidates applying for a post.

Numerical reasoning tests are one of these methods.

Generally, numerical reasoning test are short, timed assessments presented in a multiple-choice format. They are taken online and can vary in length from 10 to 60 minutes.

Most candidates find them difficult. However, remember that they are designed to be difficult – because they are designed to help employers select potential employees.

They are difficult because of:

  • Time pressure – there are a lot of questions to answer in a short period of time.
  • The complex nature of the questions – there are often many steps to complete to get to an answer.
  • The context of the questions – the context used can be unfamiliar and the wording can be complicated.

So, don’t underestimate them!

It is advisable to do some preparation beforehand to maximise your chances of getting your dream job.

On your Faculty BlackBoard Community Page, you will find resources to help you prepare for all Psychometric tests with specific help for Verbal Reasoning, Situational Judgement and Numerical Reasoning.

You can find the links to these resources on the right-hand side of this page.

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Useful Links for Numerical Reasoning Tests

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Numerical Reasoning Tests

Resources to help you prepare for Numerical Reasoning Tests

These resources have been put together by DMU Careers, the Maths Learning Centre and CLaSS.

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