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Librarians: About us

The Academic Liaison Team

The Academic Liaison Team is a team of librarians who support academic staff and students. The team is part of the wider Learning Services Team which includes the Maths Learning Centre (MLC), the Drawing Centre and the Centre for Learning and Study Support (CLaSS).

Your faculty librarian (check this page to find out who is the librarian for your subject area) can help you get the most of our services and resources. We support your learning and teaching and can help you develop your searching, critical thinking and referencing skills. Your faculty librarian is also your key contact for feedback, guidance and questions.

Librarians by Faculty

Librarian Faculties Subject/Responsibilities

Ann Collick

ADH Textiles  
Jenny Coombs BAL, HLS Academic Team Manager (Research and Partnerships)
Adele Creak (Job share with Beth Wyness) BAL Business
CEM Computer Science and Informatics; Mathematics
Elinor Cross CEM Engineering and Sustainable Development; Forensic Engineering; IESD; Physics
HLS Biomedical and Medical Sciences; Forensic Science; Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science; Physician Associate Studies
Joanna Dare HLS Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedicine
Carol Keddie ADH

Dance; Design Crafts, Design Masters; Design Products; Drama; Fine Art; Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Interior Design:; Performing Arts

Ceri Laing HLS Audiology; Diagnostic Radiography; Education; Health and Wellbeing in Society/Global Health; Speech and Language Therapy
Sharon Laverick ADH Architecture; Fashion
Marie Letzgus BAL Law
Anna Richards BAL Politics, People & Place
HLS Criminology and Criminal Justice, inc. Probation; Policing and Criminal Investigation Studies; Psychology; Social Work; Youth and Community
Neil Skinner ADH Arts and Festivals Management; Creative Writing; English (Literature, Language and Linguistics); English Language Teaching; History; Photography and Video Production
CEM Animation Design; Creative Media; Film Studies; Game Art Design; Graphic Design and Illustration; IOCT; Journalism; Media And Communication; Music Technology and Innovation
Kaye Towlson ADH, CEM Academic Team Manager (Decolonising DMU Fair Outcomes Champion)
Beth Wyness (Job share with Adele Creak) BAL Business
CEM Computer Science and Informatics; Mathematics





What can your faculty librarians do for you?


Librarians have subject specialist knowledge and can help you with:

- Identifying sources to help you find good quality information

- Searching effectively

- Referencing and reference management

Your subject guide includes the best resources available for your subject area. You can also email or book an appointment with your librarian.

Academic Staff

Your faculty librarians are your library point of contact. They can:

- Support you in the creation of online resource lists to make sure that the recommended reading is available in the library

- Deliver information skills and referencing sessions as part of your module 

- Help you locate information/resources

- Produce Library update reports for PMBs and other staff/student committees.