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Harvard Referencing Guide: Media (video, film or broadcast)

Media (video, film or broadcast)

Title. (Year) [Type of media] Directed by DIRECTOR’S NAME. Place of production: Production company.

e.g. Rebel without a cause. (1983) [Film] Directed by NICHOLAS RAY. USA: Warner Bros.


A television or radio broadcast should also include the date and time of broadcast and the episode number, if applicable.

Title. (Year) Episode number and/or name if applicable. [Type of media] CHANNEL. Exact date and time of broadcast.

e.g. Panorama. (2016) Antibiotic crisis. [TV] BBC2. 23rd May, 2030 hrs.
or    Doctor Who. (2015) Series 9, Episode 12, Hell bent. [TV] BBC1. 5th December, 2000 hrs.
or   Book of the week. (2016) Evelyn Waugh: A life revisited, Episode 3 of 5. [Radio] BBC RADIO 4. 6th July, 0945 hrs.


Individual contributors or interviewees should be cited as follows:

e.g. BROWN, G. (2008) Interview. In: Today Programme. [Radio] BBC RADIO 4. 15th May, 0810 hrs.