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Tutorials are 30 minute appointments with a tutor or librarian to discuss your work or support you in developing essential skills needed to make the most of your learning.

You can select how you attend:

  • Face-to-face
  • Online using MS Teams
  • Email

Students are allowed to book one tutorial week

For help opening MS Teams click here

Select a Service

"Honestly wish I had used the service in my undergrad degree. The statistics lecturer was very supportive and I didn't feel in anyway judged by a lack of knowledge and understanding of the subject. She was very patient with me and therefore extremely helpful." (Postgraduate / Masters, Forensic Science)

"Great guidance on how my work can move forward, the strengths and areas that need improvement. Very constructive and comprehensive." (Undergraduate, Speech and Language Therapy)

"The information and ideas provided were useful, and they helped boost my knowledge of many ideas and skills in writing. The tutor was precise and clear on every explanation. I will recommend it." (Undergraduate, Nursing)

"The tutor presented the tutorial in a simple and easy to follow way. Slowing down for me to take notes. Answering all my questions very comprehensively and related examples. I came away with a good understanding and more confident that I can navigate the law section of the library, searching for cases, Oscola referencing. Thank you." (Postgraduate / Masters, HRM)

"I went to the appointment super stressed about my assignment and this session helped me in order to follow the right guidelines to do my essay the best way I can. It is very important this kind of support because sometimes the extra learning prototype (online videos and information) does not fit all students or situations." (Undergraduate, Architecture)

"The sessions have really helped me understand and learn further on maths. I feel reassured and more confident about upcoming exams. The tutor has provided me massive support with confusion and worries about the exam, and made me feel more confident." (Undergraduate, Nursing)

"I was just a bit lost before this and the tutor really helped me understand how to effectively search and use the databases. I feel much more confident in completing my research assignment now." (Postgraduate / Masters, Youth and Community Development)

"Having a disability I struggled to understand the assignment from my lecturer having someone break it down was amazing and was delivered in a way that I could understand it better!" (Undergraduate, Politics and International Relations)

"I was given such helpful advice and information where I feel more confident about my work (I will definitely be attending another session in the future!)" (Undergraduate, Forensic Science)

"Having it online made it easy for me to access the help I required. I didn't need to travel into Uni to get to the library for my appointment. All I needed to do was spare 35 minutes of my day for this session instead of the 2 hours I would have had to spend had I had to travel. The information I was provided in the session allowed me to have a better understanding on how to do a more concise yet relevant literature research. I also got help on the different types of synonyms I can use in the search to help me find more articles." (Undergraduate, Paramedicine)