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Dare To Be Mentoring: Meera


Meera Dasani, BA Business and Management

How did you find out about Dare to Be Mentoring?

I found out about Dare to Be Mentoring through my student email, it came up and it sounded interesting so I went for it.

Why did you decide to take part?

I felt like it would help me in the areas that I needed help in.

What was the first meeting with your mentor like?

I was really nervous to meet my mentor, I was thinking about who would my mentor be and how would the meeting go. But when I had my first meeting, it went really smoothly and I enjoyed it and I knew that I would enjoy myself a lot.

What skills and qualities did you want to develop?

The skills and qualities that I wanted to develop were how to become more confident and be able to approach people easily.

What advice would you give to those considering taking part?

The advice that I would give is go for it! When I got my email asking if I wanted to join, I was slightly unsure but I’m glad I did as it has helped me tremendously.

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