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Nursing & Midwifery: Books & e-Books

Using Books in your Research

Books are particularly useful for an introduction to or broad overview of a topic. The Library has both print books and E-Books.


E-Books can be accessed anywhere you have internet access. They are useful because:

  • They are available 24/7
  • You can download chapters to read on the go
  • You can highlight text
  • You can search for particular terms within the text

...and much more!

Useful Shelfmarks

Books about the same subject are assigned the same shelfmark number. You'll find the number on the spine of each book. Here is a selection of shelfmarks for Nursing and Midwifery:











  • Anatomy 611
  • Children's nursing 618.9200231
  • Diseases 616
  • Emergency medicine 616.025
  • Health promotion 613
  • Learning disability nursing 616.858890231
  • Medical ethics 174.2
  • Mental health nursing 616.890231
  • Midwifery 618.2
  • Nursing research 610.73072
  • Nursing theories & models 610.7301
  • Obstetrics 618.24
  • Textbooks 610.73