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DMU Referencing Guide: Harvard

How to cite and reference in the Harvard style

If you are new to referencing or Harvard (Cite Them Right), do watch 'How to cite and reference in the Harvard style'. It is a DMU narrated interactive presentation based on the presentation delivered as part of the Open Programme workshops.

Harvard (Cite Them Right)

The Harvard referencing style used at DMU now follows the Cite them right Harvard style used in many universities.

How to use Cite Them Right

  • Search - use the search box on the homepage, or in the top right corner of the site, to look for the type of source you want to reference. You can then filter the results by referencing style.

  • Browse - use the menu navigation to see what's available. Clicking on a category will reveal the types of sources in that category. There may be a subcategory to help you refine what you're looking for.

  • The ‘You try’ feature on each source page enables you to easily construct your own reference by replacing the example text with information relevant to your source.

Continuing students

If you are a 3rd or 4th year student and have used the old DMU Harvard until now, check with your tutors what version they expect you to use.

Switching between the two versions is easy if you simply follow the formula for the type of resource you need to reference. The most visible difference between old and new style DMU Harvard is that author's surnames in the Reference List are NOT capitalised in the new Harvard

The key point is to be consistent (don't mix and match different versions in the same assignment!).

This is a link to the old DMU online Harvard guide if you need to continue using it.