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Feedback and Performance: Our responses to your feedback

Number of PCs

'All the PCs are being used, please add more'

We worked with colleagues in ITMS to add more PCs and just recently PCs have been added to the silent study room on the second floor.

The Green House

'The Green House is the best learning space on the whole campus. tidy and clean. Thanks to the staff working here.'

Staff support

'Library support today was excellent. I had issues with connecting to my emails, I missed library reminders and ended up with a fine. The issue was resolved, library support were very helpful.'


'More notice time for returning library books would be appreciated.'

We have migrated to a new system for notification handling that gives us much more flexibility, with two 'pre-overdue' reminders in place. The next academic year should see steps put in place to introduce automatic renewals.

Individual study support rooms

Could support students have more sessions in the individual study support rooms?'

We worked with our system provider and we have been able to make a number of adjustments in parameters for support rooms (00.06 and 00.07) to increase the number of bookings that can be made.

Assignment Drop-Ins

'More times for assignment drop ins would be good, they are very busy usually'

Assignment Drop-Ins will be reviewed from January 2019

Day Cards

'I was unable to access the library as I left my ID card at home.'

A new system for managing and automating 'card-less' visits was introduced in January 2017. All you need is your log-in details to create a day card. The machine is situated in the foyer of Kimberlin Library. Tickets issued will expire at midnight.

Dual boot

'Few computers offer dual boot (Linux) and those that do are in noisy areas.'

Fourteen additional PCs in the IT area near the self issue kiosk on the first floor were updated to offer dual boot (Linux)


'There are no recycling bins for cans in the library.'

More recycling bins have been put in place.


'More spaces in the library or more buildings open during the holiday'

Additional study spaces have been created, and continue to be created in Kimberlin Library, with pop up spaces being utilised in busy times. In addition, Eric Wood Learning Zone and the Greehouse were opened 24/7 during the exam period.


'All staff are always willing to help whenever approached. Just want to say thank you, the library is my favourite place on campus.'


'Its cold at night on the lower ground floor.'

Blankets for use by students were bought to increase comfort during chilly nights.

CAD machines

'Can you provide the students with more CAD computers.'

A number of additional CAD machines have been added and the situation continues to be reviewed with ITMS and Faculties to look to improve the number.

Opening hours

'Eric Wood should be open 24/7 during Easter break and the exam period.'

Eric Wood was opened 24/7 during the Easter break and the exam period. Demand for study spaces is actively monitored, in alignment with the extended opening hours of other campus buildings.


'I would like to be able to borrow a laptop for more than two hours.'

Additional laptops have been purchased and the impact of the expansion will be assessed to see if the current loan period can be extended.