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Copyright, Licensing and GDPR: Licenses

Licences in support of teaching and learning

Various licences can help you to use printed and electronic copyright material safely in support of teaching and learning.

Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Higher Education Licence

The CLA HE Licence enables staff to make multiple copies or digital (scanned) copies of limited extracts from many printed sources for use in learning and teaching.

The Educational Recording Agency Licensing Scheme

The University’s ERA licence permits us to record off-air and make copies of broadcasts by ERA’s members (including the main terrestrial channels), for personal non-commercial and educational use.

We subscribe to a service called Box of Broadcasts, which requires an ERA licence to permit recordings of broadcasted programmes and use them for non-commercial and educational purpose.  

The Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) Agreement

The NLA licence allows us to copy and circulate cuttings from certain newspapers (i) for distribution to staff for internal management purposes, and (ii) for distribution to students for educational and instruction purposes, subject to certain conditions.

Ordnance Survey Licence

The University holds a licence which allows copying of Ordnance Survey maps for teaching purposes, either as teaching aids for lecturers, or for projects and exams set for students. The licence also covers copying of maps for use in academic research, subject to certain conditions.

Copyright Licensing Agency UUK/GuildHE Higher Education Licence