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Copyright Changes

Two Statutory Instruments that impact on libraries and education came into force on June 1st 2014, namely "Copyright and Rights in Performances (Research, Education, Libraries and Archives) Regulations 2014" and "Copyright and Rights in Performances (Disability) Regulations 2014".  Please click on the link for the 'Changes to Copyright Law' to learn more about these changes and how they may impact you.

It is important to note that these changes need to be considered against available licenses and the fair dealing test.  Fair Dealing is even more important as it involves decision making by those doing the copying. 


The information contained in these pages provides an interpretation of current copyright issues.  It is not intended and should not be construed as legal advice.

There is some material on these pages that may link to third party sites that are licensed differently. De Montfort University does not endorse these third party sites, and they cannot accept responsibility for their content or ongoing availability. Any logos or trademarks in the resource are exclusive property of their owners and their appearance is not an endorsement by De Montfort University.

What's in this Guide?

This guide is aimed at helping staff and students to stay within the law when using copyright material.  Copyright is a legal protection for an author or creator which restricts the copying of an original work they have created.

Copyright Words


Finding Images

Images are protected by copyright law just like written text.  They include photographs, illustrations and diagrams whether they are from electronic or print sources.

Use caution when searching for images on the internet as not all that is available is free to use.  Click here for detailed information on where you can search for either copyright free images or those that are released under licence (but free to use in your teaching).

Copyright help guide

Copyright help guide provided by CopyrightUser.Org.  This is a useful guide for any person looking at re-using copyright material in different formats to see whether it is covered by UK law.

Copyright Officer

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Rohit Tailor
0116 207 8899

JISC Guides

JISC has produced a copyright training guide for university academic and support staff to provide guidance on how to legally use other people's materials in teaching and learning.  This is an interactive guide that covers a range of areas with a quiz at the end to test your knowledge.  Please click on the link below to take you through to the guide.

JISC Copyright Training