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Architecture: Books & e-Books

Useful Shelfmarks

Books about the same subject are assigned the same shelfmark number. You'll find the number on the spine of each book. Here is a selection of shelfmarks for Architecture:

Architecture - General 720

Architecture: History 720.9

Architecture: Law 344.1037872

Architecture: Modern 724.6

Architecture: Theory 720.1

Architecture and Environment 720.47 

Building Construction  690

Construction project management 624.0684

Contract administration  692.8

Landscape Architecture 712

Planning and design data  721.0212

Urban design  711.4

Many technical and regulatory publications are available online only via Construction Information Service.- follow link

New Books

Cradle to cradle: remaking the way we make things

Explains how products can be designed so that they will provide nourishment for something new - continually circulating as pure and viable materials.

Building Contract Claims

Examines the legal basis of claims for extensions of time and additional payment, and what can and cannot be claimed under the main forms of contract. 

Towards a New Architecture

Profusely illustrated with over 200 line drawings and photographs of his own works and other structures he considered important.

Is the Tehran Bazaar dead?: Foucault, politics, and architecture

Shows how philosophical concepts can be deployed as a tool to analyse the ways through which architecture transforms individuals through the act of exchange.

Architecture and Modernity

Critical theories such as those of the Frankfurt School of the twenties and thirties gave rise to a complex and sophisticated critique of modernity and modernism. The history and theory of twentieth-century architecture, which developed rather independently of this rich tradition, appear naive and unbalanced in comparison. In this exploration of the relationship between modernity, dwelling, and architecture, Hilde Heynen attempts to bridge this gap between the discourse of the modern movement and cultural theories of modernity. On one hand, she discusses architecture from the perspective of critical theory, and on the other she modifies positions within critical theory by linking them with architecture. She assesses architecture as a cultural field that structures daily life and that embodies major contradictions inherent in modernity, arguing that architecture nonetheless has a certain capacity to adopt a critical stance vis-à-vis modernity.Besides presenting a theoretical discussion of the relation between architecture, modernity, and dwelling, the book provides architectural students with an introduction to the discourse of critical theory. The subchapters on Walter Benjamin, Ernst Bloch, Theodor Adorno, and the Venice School (Tafuri, Dal Co, Cacciari) can be studied independently.

More books on construction and architecture - regulatory and technical

Please note - many publications are available online only via Construction Information Service, and cannot be found by Library Search or the Library Catalogue. Make sure you find all the material you need by following the link below: 

Ebook collections

Library Search is generally the best starting point for finding ebooks in any discipline. However you may find these collections useful to explore.