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Visitor Information Membership: Preparing for your Visit

Preparing for your Visit

Where can you find us?

Find the Kimberlin Library by using our Campus Map 

Please consider sustainable transport options when visiting, there is limited car parking in the area and we are very accessible by foot and bicycle.

For details of the accessibility features of our buildings, please visit AccessAble

When can you visit?                      

You can check our opening times though please note there are restrictions on the hours when you can enter. Overnight this may mean that you can leave the library but then not get back in again until the following morning - please remember to take your belongings with you.

Access times for External Members (excluding DMU Aspire students):

Monday to Friday - 08.45 – 20.30

Saturday - 10.00 – 17.30

Sunday - 11.00 – 18.30

When can't you visit?

From the start of April until mid-May each year, unregistered visitors are not able to visit our library during this time as it is our main exam period.

This is to ensure that we have enough study spaces for the increased number of our own students using the library for revision during this time. 

If you already have a P800 library card in use before the start of this restriction, your card will continue to allow you access during your usual hours of access.

New members have to wait until visitor access resumes in mid-May before new library cards are made.

Have we got what you are looking for? 

Check the library catalogue to see what items we stock in the Kimberlin Library and their availability.

What are the Library regulations?          

Check out our Library regulations - a breach of these regulations by external users could result in access rights permanently withdrawn so please take time to read these before applying to join.