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Fashion & Textiles: Trend Forecasts & Predictions

Covers Fashion; Textiles, Footwear; Fashion Buying

Trend books and other publications in the Library

Fashion and Design trends and predictions publications are kept in their own section in the Library on the ground floor near the leisure reading collection. They are only available to current DMU staff and students. They can only be used within the Kimberlin Library, and must be signed out for use each time at the desk. Up to three can be signed out at any one time. 

Online Trends


Please note WGSN Spaces can now be used to save, organise and share content from WGSN. More information about accessing Spaces is here. This replaces the old Workspaces section of the database. 


WGSN Insight Presentation

A 35 minute presentation on WGSN Insight database of consumer trends analysis and forecasting.Click on this link and then the link at the bottom of the next page. 

Trend books in the Library (Ground Floor) and Online

Guide to Accessing Fashion and Design Trends

Note this presentation has both audio and screen recordings which should play automatically as you work through the presentation.

Click on the arrows at the bottom to move through the slides. If this does not work for you when trying to view online, please download and view in the Powerpoint App.

The Library has a selection of trend books from the following agencies, who focus on identifying the likely trends and developments that will influence and evolve fashion over a two year period. The latest books held in the Library are listed underneath.

Carlin Creative Trend Bureau

  • Beachwear (Digital only)
  • Impulse
  • Lingerie
  • Women's Attitudes
  • View Carlin trends on Instagram (@carlin.creative), and on their blog here.

To access our Carlin Books online - please click here and sign-in using Single Sign-in, then select Carlin Digital from drop-down list. Use the username and password shown to sign-in. Scroll down to find the books we have bought (any that do not say 'I Want Mine'). 

Nelly Rodi

  • Men's Edition
  • Living Expressions 
  • Color Intelligence 
  • Life & Style 23 (online access also available)
  • Life & Style 2024

To access these PDFs click here. Note: Select the SAML login option not the LibApps option and proceed using your Single Sign On details at the next screen.

To access Life & Style online - please click here and sign-in  using Single Sign-in, then select Nelly Rodi from drop-down list. Use the username and password shown to sign-in. If the text is in French and you are using Google Chrome (recommended) you should see Google Translate box on top right-hand side of screen offering to translate to English, click on this. On the Nelly Rodi site, click on Downloads, and then Fluidbook. Online provides access to videos and other associated links. 

There is a video presentation of the Life & Style 2024 book which you can access here, select it from the bottom of the list of PDFs. This presentation explains the major social trends, the aspirations of four consumer archetypes and the development of multi-sector creative paths. 


  • Inspirations
  • Environments and Design
  • Women's Fashion
  • You can also access these books online via PeclersPlus - see below.

Peclers Videos:

Inspirations: Envisioning Future(s) FW 21-22 Video

Women's Fashion AW 21-22 Video

To access these videos click here. Note: Select the SAML login option not the LibApps option and proceed using your Single Sign On details at the next screen.

Other trend publications in the Library

These trend publications are now interfiled with Journals and can be found in the rolling stacks of the lower ground floor. Current issues can be found in the Current Issues of Art and Design Journals display on the second floor.

Arsutoria - for footwear trends

The Spin Off (previously Sportswear International) - for denim, sportswear, fashion trends and new luxury

Textile View - for women's, men's and children's wear trend forecasts 

View 2 - focus on denim, casual, athleisure, active and performance

Vogue - latest fashion news and trends, and beauty inspiration 

Zoom on Fashion Trends - colours, inspirations, materials, and lines of the macro trends more than a year ahead of the market