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Fashion & Textiles: Books & Ebooks

Covers Fashion; Textiles, Footwear; Fashion Buying

Useful Shelfmarks

Books about the same subject are assigned the same shelfmark number. You'll find the number on the spine of each book. Here is a selection of shelfmarks for Fashion and Footwear:

Clothing Industry 338.47687

Costume and fashion 391

Fashion design and costume 391

Fashion illustration 741.672

Fashion photography 778.99391

Footwear: Industry economics 338.476853

Footwear: Manufacturing 685.31

Knitting 677.02824 & 746.432

Lingerie 391.42

Sewing, clothing 646

Shoes 391.413

Shoes: Fashion 391.413

Textiles 677

Textile Design 677.022

Ebook collections

Library Search is generally the best starting point for finding ebooks in any discipline. However you may find these collections useful to explore. 

Other places to find books

Glass Cabinets Collection

Many useful books for Fashion, contains

  • Books of historic value
  • Expensive items
  • Unique/difficult to replace items
  • 'Controversial' books

All items are listed on the Library Catalogue. Can be borrowed but need to complete a pink request card and come back to collect next working day  

Pamphlets and Oversize Books


  • Items too small to fit on the standard shelves
  • On the second floor at the end of the main book sequence
  • 'PAM' in front of the shelfmark on the library catalogue

Oversize Books

  • Items too large for the standard shelves
  • On the second floor after the pamphlets
  • 'L' in front of the shelfmark on the library catalogue

New Fashion Books

Fashioned from Nature

With essays spanning the 17th century to the present day, Fashioned from Nature examines our dependence on the natural world. 

The Fight for Ethical Fashion

Reveals how one campaign can provoke contrasting reactions and forms of market change.

Fashion and Museums

Costume museums; Museum exhibits Social aspects.


Feminine beauty (Aesthetics); Body image in women.; Body image in women Social aspects.

New Textiles Books

The Battle for the High Street

Analyses the social and cultural status of high streets in the age of recession and austerity. 

The Modern Embroidery Movement

Explores the arguments presented by pioneering women and their collaborators for embroidery to be considered as art.

Indian Cotton Textiles

Cotton has been at the heart of the Subcontinent's economy for millennia. 

The Art of Sneakers

A unique collection of works from 20 very different creative minds.

Featured e-books for Fashion & Textiles

Fashioning Indie

Narrates indie's evolution- from a 1980s British music subculture into a 21st-century international fashion phenomenon. 

Fashion and Materiality

Shows how the material interacts forcefully with the personal and political.

The End of Fashion

Designers are increasingly treated as 'artists', as fashion moves towards art and enters the gallery, museum, and retail space. 

Clothing Poverty

You look good in those jeans. But are those jeans themselves good? 

The textile industry in India: changing trends and employment challenges

Focuses on its performance on the employment front since the 1980s.

Eco-Friendly and Fair

This book evaluates fashion trends, what factors have led to new trends and how the factors supporting fast fashion differ from those of the past.