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Assistive Software: Text-to-Speech


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 What is it?

 What can it do?

 You can use it for...




(See also: Speech-to-Text)

  • Reading out loud on-screen text: Word, PDFs, scanned documents, web pages.
  • Proof-reading written assignments by listening back
  • Researching


(See also: Speech-to-Text)

  • Researching
  • Read out loud on-screen text: Word and Web Pages
  • Proof-reading written assignments by listening back
  • Works with Audio NoteTaker

Make it Accessible

Make it accessible

Convert text into an accessible format with Sensus Access.

You can convert PDFs, JEPGs and other types of files into text files, e-books, audio or braille. Click here to go to our Make It Accessible page

Conditions of use

You can make an accessible copy if:

  • You own the copyright (for example, it’s your own work)
  • Have permission from the copyright holder
  • If the copyright has expired
  • Or it’s for someone with a print disability

In making any accessible copy you agree that:

Contact us for copyright advice: