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DMU Resource Lists for Staff: Welcome

What is DMU Resource Lists?

DMU Resource Lists provides students with a central portal to access the supporting materials you need them to read, watch or listen to, while also streamlining stock purchasing. It provides easy access to resources in a variety of formats forming part of the university’s commitment to Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

You can request digitisation of extracts, chapters and articles added to DMU Resource Lists under the terms of our CLA Licence. Materials that can be digitised are then made available directly from the resource list.

Resource lists are easily created, modified and annotated so that they continually reflect current requirements, with academic staff bookmarking items rather than manually adding information. 

Requirements for module leaders

All undergraduate and taught postgraduate students should be able to access their module resource list through DMU Resource Lists and the link to the list be added to LearningZone.


Introduction to DMU Resource Lists for academics

The presentation below is a short introduction to  Talis Aspire, the system behind DMU Resource Lists.To find out how to use the system, check the 'Creating and editing lists' tab