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Research Data Management: DMU Figshare

What is DMU Figshare

DMU Figshare is the new RDM system. It is a cloud-based data repository that supports multiple file formats. Research data in the form of images, datasets, film, audio code etc, can be disseminated in a new and innovative way. Citations can be tracked for an individual dataset, not just the final output, and intelligent analytics will show us who is looking at our research data anywhere in the world.

DMU Figshare will enable research active staff to store research data in a new and secure way. It is user-friendly, easy to access, and can be shared with colleagues and collaborators on multiple research projects. It will enable us, where appropriate, to make our research data openly accessible to the wider research community both nationally and internationally. 

Any queries please contact us at

DMU Figshare

Link to DMU Figshare

How can I start using it?

Simply follow the 3 step process below and you will get access to deposit your data onto DMU Figshare 

Step 1: 

Fill in the De Montfort Figshare Request (DFR) form, read the DMU Figshare Terms and Conditions and email the DFR form to

Step 2: 

Await processing and approval for your Figshare storage request

Step 3:

Receive confirmation for your allocated space to use Figshare.

Training via an online video course.

Now you’re ready to use DMU Figshare!

DMU Figshare training course

DMU Figshare usage