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Law: Journals & Journal Articles

Searching for journal articles on a topic

You can search  'Library Search' to find journal articles as this will search the content of most of the databases we subscribe to. However, Library Search doesn't work well with Westlaw or Lexis so you may miss important legal articles if you do not search Westlaw UK as well. You will also be able to do a more specific search and may get more relevant results when using Westlaw.

Journals are available in the databases listed below and you may want to search them individually. However, by searching Westlaw UK and Library Search first you should come across many of the journals articles included in the databases below.

Tracing a journal article from a citation

If you have come across a citation for a journal article and you want to find the full text of the article, you may need to search more than one place. Most of the library content is searchable via Library Search except for the journal articles available on Westlaw. This means that you may have to search both Library Search and Westlaw to find out if it is available from DMU.

The screencast below demonstrates the 3 methods you can use to trace a journal article from a citation:

Searching for a specific journal

Except for journals available on Westlaw, you can find out whether a journal is available in the library by searching Library Search e.g. The search for the 'New law journal' shown on the screenshot below, shows online availability on the right hand side of the screen and print availability in the main part of the screen:

Search for 'new Law journal' on Library Search


  • The screenshot shows that the 'New law journal' is available online from Lexis from 1987 onwards. Follow the link to LexisLibrary to access the journal.
  • The 'New law journal' is also available in print so it appears in the main part of the screen. Select 'Check availability' to find out the dates for which it is available in the library.

Click here for the list of  abstracted and full text journals available on Westlaw as you can't find out which journals are available on Westlaw from Library Search.  Select 'Full text only' from the drop down menu, to see only the full text journals.

Why use journals?

Use journals to find:

  • useful information and discussions on legal issues, cases and legislation.
  • different view points from different authors
  • current information as journals are published quicker than books.

International journals and articles

Legal abbreviations