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Inter-Library Loans: How do I collect (and return) items?

Collecting your ILL item

How long will it take to arrive?

We cannot guarantee how long it will take to supply an ILL item, as it depends largely on the supplying library, and whether the item is already on loan to another user. Sometimes the library may decide that they will not lend that item to us, or cannot lend it due to copyright or other restrictions. If this is the case, we will try to obtain it from another source, but this will inevitably mean delays.

For this reason, we ask you to allow a minimum of at least 10 Working Days when you place your request, to allow us time to supply the item, and for you to have time to make full use of it. We can often supply journal articles within 2-3 working days, and books within 6 days, however we cannot guarantee this, so we recommend that you place your ILL request as soon as you can.

Please remember to REGULARLY check your DMU email Inbox: we will send you a notification that your item is available, and you will have a LIMITED amount of time (see details below) to collect the book/download the journal article.

How do I collect my requested item?

How do I collect it?

We will send an email to your DMU email address to let you know your ILL is ready to collect/download, so remember to check your email every few days.


Journal articles

Secure Electronic Delivery items (SEDs) are individual journal articles which you can access through an electronic link. You have only 30 days in which to access the article before the link expires. We will send the link to the DMU email address which is associated with your Staff/Student card, so check your Inbox regularly. For more information on SEDs and downloading/printing them, see further details on the Opening SEDs page.

Photocopies of chapters or journal articles can be collected from Kimberlin Library as soon as you receive an email from us letting you know that it is ready to collect, so do check your Inbox regularly. Items can only be collected (and returned) while Kimberlin Service Desk is open; please check our opening times as they vary during vacations and at weekends.

We will dispose of any uncollected photocopies after one calendar month.



If you have requested a book, and if the supplying library has agreed that we can lend that book to you for a period of time, you will receive an email from us to let you know it is ready for collection, so do check your Inbox regularly.  Items can only be collected (and returned) while Kimberlin Service Desk is open; please check our opening times as they vary during vacations and at weekends.

It is important that you collect the item from us as soon as possible as we can only lend you these items for a very short time: sometimes it is only two weeks but it can be up to a maximum of five weeks. If the item is uncollected we will return it to the lending library.

I am a Distance Learner. Can you post the ILL item to me?

If you are a Distance Learner, we will post the item to you (if the supplying library permits us to do so) unless you request us to do otherwise.

We will email you to let you know it is on its way.

Items for use only in the Library

Sometimes libraries lend us books or journals but they specify that these can only be used in the library, and cannot be taken away. In this case you will have to consult the item within Kimberlin Library during staffed hours, and you will need to plan your visit to allow for this.

Returning your ILL item

You can usually keep photocopies of journal articles, however you will need to return books promptly to us before the Due Date so that we can send them back to the supplying library on time, to avoid paying any overdue charges.

Please be aware that you will incur charges for any books that are returned late: this charge is £6.25 for each individual overdue ILL item. It is your responsibility to get the items back to us on or before the Due Date, so bear this in mind if you are going on holiday, or having a planned hospital stay, etc.

You can either pay the return postage for the item at your own expense (always return the item via a 'Signed For' service, and keep your receipt as proof of postage, if you post it), or bring it back to Kimberlin Library next time you are on Campus.

Lost or damaged items will incur a charge of up to £235.73, which includes a mandatory British Library Admin charge and an item replacement charge (British Library charges for 2023-24).

To avoid the book being shelved incorrectly, always return your ILL item to a member of Library Staff, rather than use the Self-Return machine.