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IEEE Referencing Guide: Journals/Newspapers

Journal Articles

Author(s), “Title of article”, Title of journal, volume number, issue number, page numbers (use p. or pp.),
month and year of publication.

e.g. H. Kilov and I. Sack, “Mechanisms for communication between business and IT experts”, Computer standards and interfaces, vol. 31, no. 1, pp.98-109, Jan. 2009.

For articles written by more than one author all authors need to be mentioned.

Note: If you are referencing an electronic journal article, use the standard referencing format for journal articles as detailed above.

Newspaper Articles

Author(s), “Title of article”, Newspaper title, Day and Month and Year, page numbers (use p. or pp.).
(Where there is no page number e.g. an online newspaper use the source)

e.g. J. Gillespie and E. Whalley, “Flight of the robo-bee to save fruit crops”, The Sunday Times, 7th Oct 2012, p.9.

e.g. R. Blakely, “Google creates an artificial mind and all it thinks about is cats…”, The Sunday Times27th Jun 2012. Available from: