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Business: Market & Advertising Research

Covers Business & Entrepreneurship; Accounting & Finance; Marketing; Economics; Human Resource Management

Professional industry publications

Marketing and advertising databases

If you are looking for a specific journal title on WARC, please use the Advanced Search options to locate it. You can then select Research Papers to view a list of the journals available through WARC.

What is market research?

Market research is the process where information is gathered to analyse a market. It will usually consider target audiences, the size of the market, top competitors and consumer behaviour.

Market research will typically contain:

  • Market size/shares
  • Market drivers and segmentation
  • Consumer behaviour and attitudes
  • Key competitors

Small businesses will conduct their own market research but third party companies such as Mintel produce reports that can be purchased. Students and staff at De Montfort University have access to Mintel reports and other market research sources.

External sources of market research and analysis

There are many companies that provide market / industry intelligence and monitor trends.  Much of their research is only available to paying customers but some material may be freely available on their websites.  Try the companies listed below for market intelligence: