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Business: Case Studies

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Business Case Studies

Business Case Studies are often used in business and management disciplines to explore different scenarios that may be fictitious, or based on real-life situations.   Some case studies are aimed at academic staff for use in teaching sessions to stimulate group discussion.  They are used to look at an example of business practice in depth and analyse the problems / potential solutions.  If you have been asked to carry out your own case study analysis as part of an assignment, you may find it helpful to look at the Guide to Writing a Case Study Assignment.

You can find case study articles on our databases (effective search examples listed below) in textbooks and on case study websites that often provide some free content.

Finding Case Studies

Harvard Business Case Studies can be accessed via the Business Source Database (see below for access details).

Searching for Harvard Business Case Studies

  • Select the SO Publication Name from the Select a Field drop-down menu
  • Enter Harvard Business Review
  • Select Case Study in the Search Filters section in the Document Type menu

Searching for specific Harvard Business Case Study

  • Follow the instructions above
  • Add keywords that describe your search in the next search box
  • Select Keywords from the Select a Field drop-down menu

If you want to find case studies from other publications as well, just use the Document Type filter for Case Study and relevant keywords.

You can find case studies published in journals on ABI / Inform. 

  • Use the Advanced Search screen.
  • Enter keywords for the subject of your case study search

advanced search

  • Scroll down to the Document Type box and select Case Study.

document type

A limited number of case studies are available on the Emerald database.  Follow these steps to access them:

  • Go to the Advanced Search screen

Advanced Search

  • Select Case Studies and Only Content I have Access to


WARC provides access to many advertising case studies.  To search for case studies on a topic:

  • Go to the Advanced Search screen.

advanced search

  • Enter your search term in the search bar at the top.
  • Select Case Studies from the Select Sources box at the bottom

Select Sources box

WGSN contains many marketing / brand case studies.  

Use the search box in the top bar to enter a keyword then filter the results to Case Studies from the Content Type menu.

advanced search

There are many case study articles and chapters relating to the United Nations Global Goals on SDGO.

To search for them combine topic keywords with "case study" in the Advanced Search screen:

Search screen


The Financial Times often includes case studies about specific companies / business scenarios in its articles. 

The easiest way to browse these is to enter "case studies" as a search phrase in the search box (once logged in):

FT Search screen 

Textbooks often contain case studies to illustrate how theory can relate to practice.

You can search for case studies in textbooks by finding a relevant e-book title then doing a text search for 'case study'.  You can also browse the contents in print or online books to see if there is a list of case studies included in the textbook.

Case Study Websites

The Case Centre - Free Cases

Registration is required for you to search the Case Centre's collection of freely available case studies.

MIT Case Studies

Free case studies provided by MIT Sloan School of Management.

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Case Bank

An online library of business cases focused on principle-based ethics.


Reports of customer-first marketing stories, including case studies and other material. Choose case studies as the content type to filter your search

Nanyang Technopreneurship Case Centre (NTCC)

Case studies created by Nanyang Technical University that feature Singapore-based and global companies confronting issues and challenges in their businesses.

Journal of Business Cases and Applications

Aimed at business academics, this journal has case studies and exercises for use in teaching.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
Find case studies relating to sustainability in business.

Robins Case Network

Case studies from the Robins School of Business, University of Virginia.  Please note that permission should be requested to use the cases in teaching sessions.