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Writing and Reading Groups Destination Pages: DMU Writing Circle (Staff & Researchers)

DMU Writing Circle

What is it?

The Writing Circle offers DMU staff and Research Students the time and space to write independently alongside others online. The Writing Circle is organised in a collaboration between the Centre of Academic Innovation and Teaching Excellence, The Doctoral College, and Library and Learning Services.


Who is it for?

The Writing Circle is open to all current DMU Research Students (e.g. PhD candidates), and all current DMU staff (academic and professional services staff are welcome).


What happens in a Writing Circle session?

The Writing Circle is primarily a space to get writing done, so most of the time will be spend actually writing. We make use of the ‘pomodoro technique’, which involves focused writing in 25 minute blocks, followed by 5 minutes rest to chat, and then another 25 minute pomodoro. The first part of the session is usually devoted to meeting/greeting one another, sharing our writing goals and any progress we have made, and/or any barriers we are facing. From this, we often take the opportunity to share experiences, offer tips and advice, or simply listen to one another. The Writing Circle is a practical, supportive environment. Depending on how far-ranging our discussion is, we will typically manage time for two or three ‘pomodoros’.

Many participants use the regular, social aspect of the Writing Circle to help structure their time outside the Circle, setting goals and making plans for writing accordingly.

We also acknowledge that while many of us are aiming to write for publication, quite often our writing is not based around our research but around our teaching and/or administrative responsibilities. All writing is accepted (even creative writing), and we are especially keen to invite professional services staff who may want to come along.


Where is it?

Writing Circle sessions are HYBRID online/face-to-face. We will meet online via MS Teams (accessible to all members of the Writing Circle – see below) and we will also meet face-to-face in Portland 0.05, via the Doctoral College.


How do I join the Writing Circle?

Research Students can book onto the Writing Circle sessions via ResJourney.

Anyone eligible (i.e. current DMU research students and/or DMU staff) who wishes to join the Writing Circle should send an email to Jason Eyre or click here to get the Team invite. You will then be added to the Circle (MS Team), enabling you to join the online sessions and receive notifications and updates via Teams.

Writing Circle Dates – Remaining Dates for 2023/24 are as follows: 

Week 29 Wed 17 Apr, 2-4 pm

Week 32 Wed 8 May, 2-4 pm

Week 35 Wed 29 May, 2-4 pm

Week 38 Wed 19 Jun, 2-4 pm

Week 41 Wed 10 Jul, 2-4 pm

Week 44 Wed 31 Jul, 2-4 pm

Week 47 Wed 21 Aug, 2-4 pm

Week 50 Wed 11 Sep, 2-4 pm

Sessions are in Portland 0.05 (via the Doctoral College) and online.