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Video Imaging and Sonic Arts: Books & Journals

Covers Media Production; Music Production; Music Technology; Visual Effects

Academic sources

You will be expected to use academic sources in your assignments. Many of these academic sources will come from books and journal articles. 


Books are particularly useful for an introduction to or broad overview of a topic. The Library has both print books and E-Books and you will find both by searching Library Search.

In the library, books about the same subject are assigned the same shelfmark number which you will find on the spine of each book and listed on the catalogue. Here is a selection of shelfmarks for Video Imaging and Sonic Arts:

Acoustics  620.2

Digital Technology  621.3893

Digital Video   777  &  621.38833 

Music: composition 781.61 

Music: computer technology 780.285

Music: popular 780.42

Musical form 781.5

Media Production   791.43

New Media   303.4833

Radio Production   791.44023


Use journals to find:

  • useful information, research and discussions
  • different view points from different authors
  • current information as journals are published quicker than books.
You can find journal articles by searching Library Search and also by searching individual databases as listed on the Databases' tab of this guide.

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