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Return to Campus Guide: Checklist for Return to Campus

Checklist for Kimberlin


  • Collect your 2 masks from the Duty Officer in Kimberlin Library (Face masks in Kimberlin - masks are no longer legally required but staff and students are still encouraged to wear them in Kimberlin and other busy areas around campus).
  • Watch the Kimberlin Building Evacuation video.
  • Make sure you wash your hands regularly.  Gloves can be provided if preferred.
  • Make yourself aware of the Cleansing stations around library for students to clean desks before and after working and cleaning stations in EW to clean desks.

Staff Areas

  • Masks are no longer legally required but staff are still encouraged to wear them in Kimberlin and other busy areas around campus.
  • Safe use of KL locker room - stay a safe distance and be mindful when walking through.  
  • Please limit EW kitchens and copy room to one person at a time.
  • Toilets have no maximum capacity but please use your common sense and maintain social distancing.
  • It is advised that only one person should use the lift at any time and only when it is absolutely necessary for mobility reasons or for the transport of large/heavy materials.
  • Offices have been set out to be socially distanced and with screens for added protection.  However, in smaller offices, e.g. individual offices in EW, windows should still be opened when more than one person is present. However, in larger offices where screens are in place between desks, it is not necessary to open windows as in cooler temperatures, in larger offices where air circulation issues are lower risk it is not reasonable to keep windows open. However, staff should wear a face covering when moving through the office and social distancing should be observed.  Bring extra layers to keep yourself warm..

Open Areas

  • Kimberlin Opening Hours will be 24 hours from 17 January 2022.
  • Socially distancing of 1m+ is in place. 
  • Small group study (eg. 4) will be allowed from the start of Freshers Week.
  • Fashion predictions have been relocated to the ground floor in the locked cabinets near the leisure collection.
  • The media prep table has been reinstated in Kimberlin so that students can 'borrow' staplers, binding equipment etc.
  • Charging lockers are now available.
  • Increased fixed PCs (+66 from last year and more planned).
  • The Library Café is now open 10am-4pm.
  • Cold food will be allowed in Kimberlin and the Law Library.
  • We are re-introducing the sale of two items that were in high demand from students - 4 whiteboard markers and binding kits for a £1. We will not be accepting cash.

  • New Clear Desk Policy in place (previously named desk hogging).

  • The Law Library will re-open to students on 4 October:
    • Monday to Friday 8.45am-7.30pm
    • Weekends - closed unless it is a teaching weekend
  • The Greenhouse will reopen from 4 October (but not syndicate area):
    • Monday to Friday 9am-8pm
    • Closed at weekends and during vacations
  • The Eric Wood Learning Zone will reopen from 4 October:
    • Monday to Friday 8am-8pm
    • Closed at weekends and during vacations
  • Catering Outlets
    • The Food Village is open from 8am – 4pm (Monday-Friday) offering a takeaway only service, or you can download the ‘Time2Eat’ app to view the menu and place an order from anywhere and collect at a time to suit you. 
    • Other outlets are now open and details can be found at Where to eat and drink (

Items/Services Currently Not Available

  • Makerspace will remain closed.
  • The Day Ticket machine will not be reinstated at the start of the autumn term.  Instead, we will be working closely with Student Services and Security to ensure we have a system in place that allows students access to the library if they have not received their student ID cards in a timely fashion.  The system will be the same or very similar to the one the BAs successfully undertook for us last year.