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Discovering Research

Knowing how to search effectively for published material can save you time. This section explains how to search for books, journal articles, theses, and other material, both within DMU and externally.

Disseminating Research

Ensuring your research reaches its audience is critical. This section outlines different publication options and what you need to know as an author, along with guidance on Open Access Publishing.


Keeping up to date

Keeping up to date with research is crucial. This section explains how to easily keep up to date, by using citation searching methods, setting up search alerts and using social media.


Visibility & Impact

Ensuring your research is visible and has impact is becoming increasingly important. This section explains how social media can help you reach a wider audience and discusses other ways of achieving impact.


Managing Research & Data

Managing your research ensures you keep track of your references and data, and ensures that you comply with any mandates. This section provides guidance on the reference management tool RefWorks and Research Data Management Planning.