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Our Spaces: Home

Kimberlin Library

Our main campus library, the Kimberlin Library has four floors offering a range of individual and collaborative study spaces, fixed IT and loanable laptops. Use the Kimberlin Library Trail as a guide as you walk around the building, or have a look before you come and visit us to see where everything is located. Our Archives and Special Collections are located on the Lower Ground Floor.

Kimberlin Opening Hours & Location

The Law Library

The Law Library in Hugh Aston Building houses print collections to support teaching in the Law School. The general study areas (including syndicate rooms) and silent study area are open to all DMU students and staff. The LPC Library and Law Library IT Room are only accessible to students from the School of Law.

Law Library Opening Hours & Location

Eric Wood & The Greenhouse

The Eric Wood and Greenhouse study spaces are open to all DMU staff and students. They have a mixture of PCs, AutoCADs and MACs. EWLZ is home to our Commuter Student space and has group work tables as well as lockers. The Greenhouse is also home to AV Loans and the Drawing Centre Studio 4. Eric Wood Opening Hours & Location / Greenhouse Opening Hours & Location

The Drawing Centre 

The aims of the Drawing Centre (DC) are the development of students’ visual learning and communication (look, see, record); using drawing to explore ideas in visually-based programmes and as a host location (physical/virtual) for developing artists to engage with their creativity. The Drawing Centre is open Monday-Friday 9-5 with Studios 1-3 located in the Mill Studio and the new Studio 4 in The Greenhouse

Keeping Safe in Our Spaces

Here at DMU’s library service, we love that you feel our study spaces are a home away from home. However, we are a public space and sadly thefts occasionally happen. To avoid this happening to you, we ask that you do not leave your belongings, especially your valuables (money, credit cards, mobile phones or laptops just to mention a few) unattended. You can find out more about keeping safe in our spaces here.

IT Provision

Standard PCs 

  • Kimberlin Library* 462
  • Law Library 18
  • Eric Wood 67*
  • Greenhouse 45*

Loanable Laptops

  • Kimberlin Library* 106**

*Numbers are approximate

** WACOM pens can be borrowed from Kimberlin help desk

AutoCAD / cintiq** 

  • Kimberlin Library* 44
  • Greenhouse 3


  • Kimberlin Library* 26
  • Eric Wood 8
  • Greenhouse 2

*Numbers are approximate

** WACOM pens can be borrowed from Kimberlin help desk

Dual Boot

  • Kimberlin Library* 30

Assistive Technology PCs

  • Kimberlin Library* 12
  • Law Library 1
  • Eric Wood 2
  • Greenhouse 1

*Numbers are approximate