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Open Access: What do I do if funder requirements don't apply?

Research without funder Open Access requirements

Even if you have no external funding, or your funder does not require Open Access, research-active staff and postgraduate research students still need to meet the requirements of DMU's Open Access policy.  In addition, research-active staff need to meet the requirements of the national research assessment programme (currently known as the REF).  The sections below take you through how to meet these requirements.

DMU Open Access Policy

DMU Open Access Policy: key points

  • Authors are required to deposit in DORA a full text version of all newly published, peer reviewed journal articles and peer-reviewed conference proceedings (including where co-authored with another institution). This must be deposited within three months of publisher acceptance. 
  • Authors are required to make the Author Accepted Manuscripts of journal articles and conference proceedings Open Access. If an embargo period is needed, the output can be stored in the repository and set for public release on the appropriate date.
  • Authors are required to use ‘De Montfort University’ when stating their address within the research output.
  • Authors are encouraged to deposit in DORA, subject to any publishers’ restrictions, other forms of research output, eg. monographs, book chapters, multi-media outputs.
  • Authors are responsible for deciding where to publish, balancing the fit with funder requirements for Open Access, availability of funding to cover article processing charges, and the quality of the publication.
  • Authors are responsible for supplying the full text of their research outputs, where applicable, in a suitable format for uploading to DORA and for meeting funder requirements.
  • Authors are responsible for meeting the Open Access requirements placed on their research by funding bodies, regulatory agencies or under the terms of a research contract

Open Access funding

Journal articles

DMU has a small fund to cover Open Access charges for articles in fully open access journals/conference proceedings/platforms.  This fund is available for DMU researchers publishing from UKRI-funded research or from research without external funding (or with funding that doesn't cover Open Access charges).  Before applying, please read the eligibility criteria.   

Online application formUse the online application form to apply for this fund (N.B. You will need to sign in using your DMU Single Sign On).

Books and chapters

If your book or chapter is based on your UKRI-funded research. We may be able to access funds from UKRI to support Open Access publishing. Please contact at the earliest opportunity, and before making any agreements with publishers.

REF Open Access Policy

Please note that the REF 2021 Open Access requirements continue to apply to research by DMU academic staff until further notice.

DMU's guidance leaflet on REF 2021

Download DMU's guidance leaflet on REF 2021, including the above flowchart

N.B. Research England allow a small number of exceptions to the REF Open Access policy.  If you are unable to meet the requirements, check the REF exceptions list to see if one may be applicable.

Meeting REF Open Access requirements: a video guide