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New RefWorks: Start using RefWorks

Moving from old RefWorks?

If you're moving from old (or Legacy) RefWorks to New RefWorks then consult our migration guides before you start.

Starting out

RefWorks can be accessed through the web address You are looking for the following version of RefWorks: 

Screenshot showing the New RefWorks homepage. It has a blue background with an image of someone working on a laptop. In the centre of the screen it says Making Research Easier

If the homepage looks like the following, you have found the old version of RefWorks:

Screenshot of the Old RefWorks homepage - It has a blue banner across the top with the RefWorks logo. In the centre of the screen it says 'Want to learn how to get the most out of RefWorks?'

Alternatively use our databases search page. Type RefWorks into the search box and open the highlighted link to access the software. Make sure you pick New RefWorks.

Creating a new account

To access the software you will have to log in. The first time you access RefWorks you will need to click on 'Create account' to set up your new RefWorks account.

Make sure you use your DMU email address and create your own password. 

Creating an account

This video will show you how to create an account. Please note, we don't use the 'Login from your institution' way of creating an account.