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International students: English Language Support

English language support is available online

The Centre for English Language Learning (CELL) offers Academic English support to all international students at DMU. Please visit the CELL website for more information.


English for Academic Success

English for Academic Success is the Centre for English Language Learning's  English language support programme for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

This course is taught online and includes a weekly video and worksheet covering an academic English topic, as well as a live one hour lesson in MS Teams. You can follow the video and try the worksheet in your own time before the live lesson.

The live lesson itself will cover some of the content from the video and will contain group discussions on a range of issues to help boost your confidence in seminar and other speaking skills useful for your ongoing course.

Proof Reading

What is proof reading?

Proof reading refers to checking your work for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.It is an important step of your assignment writing process.

Proof reading at DMU

De Montfort University advises against the use of professional proof reading services, or proof reading by third parties (such as friends or relatives). This is because proof reading is an integral part of your writing process and you should take responsibility for it. For these reasons, DMU does not recommend or provide a proof reading service. However, students are permitted to seek assistance with proof reading, with the prior agreement of module tutor.

For more details, consult the library's proof reading guide.

Support to develop your proof reading skills

 CELL (Centre for English Language Learning) provides free English classes to all international students. Please make sure you contact CELL to sign up for your class.

 The Centre for Learning and Study Support has developed: