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Further Blackboard Assessment Tools: Tests & Surveys

How to Take a Test or Survey in Blackboard

Blackboard allows you tutor to create online test and surveys in your Blackboard module.These tests or surveys can be located in the content area of your module. Your tutor should advise if they are using such tools in your Blackboard module and where in your module these can be accessed within the module.

This section provides some helpful tips when taking a test or survey and includes information about the different types of questions and what you can do as a test taker to optimize your test taking experience.

Begin a Test

1. Locate  the test in your Blackboard module and click the link associated with it.

2.Click the Begin button to begin the test.

Note: Your tutor may choose to have password set to begin taking an test. If necessary, enter the valid password that was provided to you by your tutor and select Submit to begin the test. The test will continue to prompt for a valid password until the correct one is entered.

Question Types

Each test can have several different types of questions. Below is a list of these question types and a brief description.

Multiple Choice: Allows A number of choices with one correct answer. Indicate the correct answer by selecting a radio button.

True / False: A statement with the option to choose either true or false. True/False answer options are limited to the words True and False

Fill in the Blank: A statement that requires an answer to complete it. Answers are evaluated based on an exact text match.

Multiple Answer: A number of choices with one or more correct answers.

Matching: Two columns of items where each item in the first column must be matched to an item in the second column.

Essay: A question where the answer must be entered in a text box.

Calculated: Contains a formula with a number of variables. The correct answer can be a specific value or a range of values.

Calculated Numeric Response: Resembles a fill-in-the-blank question except a number is entered to complete the statement. The correct answer can be a specific number or within a range of numbers.

File Response: Uploaded files are used to respond to the question.

Hot Spot: A specific point on an image is used to indicate the answer.

Fill in Multiple Blanks: Multiple responses are inserted into a sentence or paragraph.

Jumbled Sentence: A sentence with a number of variables within it.

Opinion Scale / Likert: A rating scale used to measure attitudes or reactions.

Short Answer: Similar to Essay questions; answer length is limited.

Either / Or: A statement with a pre-defined choice of two answers.

Quiz Bowl: An answer appears; the users uses a who, what, or where question to respond.

Test Presentation

Depending on which option your instructor has chosen questions can be displayed one of two ways:

All-at-once: tests present all of the questions at the same time.

One-at-a-time : tests presents each question at a time.

To navigate one-at-a-time tests:

Use the navigation arrows (<<, <, >, or >>). The Question/Section Indicator describes the current location in the Assessment and the overall number of questions. If backtracking is prohibited these arrows will not appear.

The << allows the user to backtrack to the very first question of the assessment.
The >> allows the user to move forward to the very last question of the assessment.
The < allows the user to backtrack to the previous question of the assessment.
The > allows the user to move forward to the next question of the assessment.

Saving and Submitting Your Answers

When taking a test for your course you are allowed the option to save your test progress. Depending on the options your lecturer has chosen you can either save and resume the test later on. You may press the Save button at the bottom of the page at any time. This will save your answers, but not submit the test for marking. If you left the test and accessed it again at a later date or time your answers will appear for you, ready for you to complete the unanswered questions. Note that if the test has a time limit the clock will not stop if you save your progress and resume it later. Therefore do not use this feature with a timed test. The Save button allows a you to keep their connection / session alive by allowing you to save your work before submitting or just to save your test periodically. This is to prevent browser timeouts or internet connection timeouts.

When taking an all-at-once test you can use the ‘Save Answer’ button to the right of each question to save a specific question.

Save answer

At the very end of the assessment, click the Submit button to submit your assessment.

Please note: If you choose to use the Save Answer button to the right of each question you must do this with every other question as well. If you do not do this and you click Submit at the bottom of the page, the system will not recognize the rest of the answers you have given.

Multiple Assessment Attempts

A test in Blackboard can be set up so that you can have only one attempt at the test or more than once. This will be either indicated by:

Allowed: You may take this test as many times as you wish. Your most recent score will be recorded in the Gradebook OR
Not Allowed: You have only one opportunity to take this test. You will not be permitted to take the test again.

If multiple attempts are allowed it is noted at the top of the Assessment.

 A link to take the test again appears if the test is re-opened.

Test attempt information icon

Force Completion

If a test is set to ‘Force Completion’ it must be completed the first time it is launched.  It CANNOT be resumed later. You cannot reopen the test and restore your saved answer values. You should complete the test in one sitting.
If Force Completion is enabled it is noted in the test information.

Force completion screen

The Save button is available to save the test as you work through it.

Timed Assessment

If a time limit has been set a clock will begin counting upwards from zero to the time limit. Note the clock counts upwards from 0 in the bottom right corner of your browser window.  You will receive a warning before the time limit expires.

If the test is timed, the elapsed time appears above the test.

Timing icon

Prohibit Backtracking

If a test is set to prohibit back tracking, you cannot return to questions already answered. If backtracking is prohibited it is noted in the test information.

prohibit backtracking image

Feedback and Grades

The results received after completing a test depend on the options selected by your lecturer. For example, your lecturer may only show the final score for one test, while for another test the final score and correct answers are displayed. Feedback options can include one or more of the following:

  • The final score for the test – displayed numerically with how many points earned.
  • The answers they submitted – the asnswers selected by the user for each question of an assessment.
  • The correct answers – the correct answers to each question of the assessment.
  • Feedback for the questions – feedback provided by the instructor for a particular question or set of questions.

To access feedback and grade information, select the test (original link) or use the ‘My Grades’ link or equivalent in the module course menu.

Test Tips

Tip 1: Before you begin a test, make sure you close any other program or application. Make sure Blackboard is the only program open in your computer.

Tip 2: It is important that users do not use the Back button in the Browser during an Assessment. This may cause loss of data.

Tip 3: When saving each test question during an all-at-once test make sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the page before submitting.

Tip 4: In a timed test, if you save and wish to resume the test later the timer will still continue to count down.

Tip 5: In a forced completion test you must complete the test. You cannot save and resume the test later.

Tip 6: If the test page loads too long, try to log out and re-login. Remember, if you do this, you must do it immediately because the timer will keep running until the Submit button is clicked. This solution step will only apply to a non-forced completion test.