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What are e-resources & how can I find them?

An e-resource is an electronic information resource that you can access through the Library website, on or off campus. You can get the information you want, when you need it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

E-resources include electronic journals, electronic books and online databases. There are many thousands of articles and books available - and the numbers keep growing as new resources are added to our collections. Using our e-resources will guarantee that you are using quality information for your assignments. You can find out more about e-Books here.

This troubleshooting guide has been created by the library's Content Delivery Team to provide guidance for library users when they face problems connecting to online content.

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Library Search

Library Search searches across all resources which the Library has access to. Check the filters to the left of the Library Search page to return results including e-Books and full-text journal articles.

Library Search

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Databases are collections of online information to which the Library has a subscription. These mostly contain full text journal articles, abstracts and article references.


Database A-Z 

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Library Access

Library Access from Lean Library is a browser extension that enables instant off-campus access to DMU subscribed e-resources whenever you need them. Find out more and download Library Access below.

Library Access

E-Resources Portal

To search for e-Books and Journals try the E-Resources Portal

E-Journals Requiring Passwords

Some journal subscriptions have unique login requirements. To access this information you will need to enter your Single Sign On details.