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Decolonising DMU recognises that racial inequality in Britain originates from colonialism. In seeking to decolonise, we are creating an anti-racist university which allows all to succeed, and which celebrates the rich diversity and heritage of DMU. It shifts the burden and conversation away from one of deficit, blame and shame, to recognise that racial inequality has been built over centuries on the dominant western and northern hemispheres and patriarchal interpretation of values and merit. This in turn has created systems, hierarchies and behaviours that create disadvantage and fail to recognise the rich history and world contributions of the global majority.​

Different to the strategies of many Higher Education Institutions, Decolonising DMU stretches far beyond the curriculum. It acknowledges that the scale of the challenge runs deep into examining the everyday norms of university life and will require all DMU staff and students to acknowledge, identify, discuss and seek to understand the issues. It is critical that we work collectively, with respect and dignity, in order to work for institutional solutions that are underpinned by the reality that our staff, students and communities will benefit from an anti-racist university.​

Decolonising DMU, working definition 2019​

Decolonising DMU: Library Work Stream

Library and Learning Services work stream focuses on four main areas of development:

  • Decolonising the Library collection: broadening both printed and virtual resources to reflect the diverse University Community. This will add more voices, narrative and histories to the collections, enabling students to see themselves reflected in reading lists and research. LLS will work with academics to seek out and promote diverse authors and texts. Expanding the leisure reading collection to reflect DMU’s student profile. Promote through events both within Kimberlin and DSU
  • Decolonising Library spaces: Develop a better understanding of BAME student usage of LLS spaces and services to inform service development and new build: to ensure culturally aware spaces
  • Working with the Library profession to develop a more representative profile of our population through “Workforce Diversity”. Engaging in staff development initiatives and developing a pipeline for new staff and encouraging professional development for existing staff. Optimise student opportunities for student work experience with LLS
  • Teaching and Learning: Look at our teaching practices and resources to ensure cultural inclusion in imagery and examples. Look to clarity of language in communications, signage and guidelines

A Decolonising group will be created in the Library to guide actions and development. Staff and student voices will be included. A series of workshops, team talks and “Read to debate” sessions will enable discussion, the sharing of good practice and staff development in this area

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To find out more about this initiative please contact

Kaye Towlson

Sumeya Loonat