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Decolonising DMU: E-book Collections

Decolonising the Curriculum Collection

Library and Learning Services are pleased to announce the purchase of a dedicated e-book collection focusing on decolonising the curriculum. This follows hot on the heels of the University’s launch of “Decolonising DMU”. In seeking to decolonise we are creating an anti-racist university which allows all to succeed and which celebrates the rich diversity and heritage of DMU. This demands involvement of the whole of the institution, an exploration of the narratives, resources, images, processes and environment of the University, ensuring all of our University community is reflected in the whole Institution. With this in mind those wishing to explore the issues, research and debates surrounding decolonising the curriculum can dip into this new e-book collection to find out more.

The ProQuest “Decolonising the Curriculum” e-book collection is comprised of 52 titles published within the last two years covering a wide range of issues and research on this globally recognised theme.

Further titles can be found on the following DMUResource list, which uses the reference list of the Decolonising DMU working position paper by Richard Hall. The full text of the paper can be found in the Useful Resources section of this Guide.

E-book Collections