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Blackboard Collaborate: Join and View Sessions

Join and all view sessions in your Blackboard module

When you click on the Collaborate Ultra link added in your course menu (modules may vary) you may be provided with a list of all the current and forthcoming sessions that have been created so far, see image example.

Each session has a title, date, timing and status of sessions - so you know when to attend.

In the example - the ‘Introduction to theory & practice – Monday 19 August 2019, 10am-12noon)’ session is currently available and is displaying: “in progress”.

Ultra sessions that are not yet available are grayed out. This is the case with the ‘Preparing for your observation – Thursday 22 August 2019, 2-4pm’ link above, which displays the message: “not yet started”.

Collaborate Ultra for all modules include a Course Room. The Course Room is a session that is normally available (‘unlocked’) at all times. Course Room can be useful if, for example, you wish to try out Ultra for yourself before a formal session with a tutor. It is recommended you test your equipment in the Course Room before any formal scheduled Collaborate sessions with academic staff.

Alternatively, some module tutors also provide a ‘Self test for students’ area similar to Course Room, can be accessed at any time and provides an opportunity for students to test they can access Ultra successfully and try out Ultra for themselves at their own pace.

It's essential to attend you scheduled sessions. Your lecturer can access session attendance data.