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IT Induction and support for learning technologies: Learning Technology

Learning technology support

To help you understand and use the various learning technologies that are available at De Montfort University you should visit the students UserGuide tab in your Blackboard virtual learning environment (vle).  The IT induction session resources will show you how to access the Blackboard vle.  This link will take you to the Blackboard vle (remember that you will need your username and password to sign in) and the image below shows you what to look for.

Image showing the location of the UserGuide tab on the Blackboard homepage

Image showing the user guide tab on the blackboard homepage

In the UserGuide tab you will have access to resources that will help you make the most from:

  • Blackboard VLE - is the web based environment that is used to provide access to your programme and module materials, such as, assessments and learning resources. 
  • DMU Replay - a tool that allows you to replay staff led teaching sessions.  This can help you recap learning and revise for exams.
  • Turnitin - is a web based 'text matching' system that also allows your teacher to mark your work electronically. 
  • DMU Commons - this is a (WordPress) site that allows staff and students to blog and set up their own websites. 
  • Blackboard Collaborate - a virtual classroom that allows staff to facilitate learning and teaching events.
  • Social Media - this provides advice and information about how to use the various social media tools that may be used in your course.

Please note that staff may only use some of these tools in their teaching but you are likely to experience most of them at some point during your time at DMU.

Blackboard supports the recent versions of four main internet browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Assistive technology

There are very many resources available to support learners with specific needs.  Please see the library guide at this link for more information.