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Leisure Reading Collection: Spotlight on Other Useful Resources

Information on how to access literature to enhance your leisure time!

More Resources in Kimberlin and beyond!

Resources to help you make the most of your time at university, and to help you take care of yourself through downtime activities can be found upstairs in the main collection of the Kimberlin Library, or through the catalogue or through Library Search. What sort of things are we talking about, well perhaps some of these areas? Scroll down to discover where you can find more books on these topics.

You can find more information and support for your physical and mental wellbeing during your time as a student at DMU on the Healthy DMU webpages.

Where to Find More Books

Here's some more topics and where you can find books on them:

Topic held in the library Where to find these
Language Skills 420-480 is where to find European languages, 490-499 for other languages
Literature other than in English 820-880 is where to find novels, poetry & plays in European languages, 890-899 for other languages
Craft 740-749 for graphic & decorative arts, 750 for painting, 770 for photography
Cooking 641 for cooking, 635 for gardening
Music & film 780 for music, 791 for film


Where to Find Even More Books

Here's yet more topics and where you can find books on them:

Topic held in the library Where to find these
Study Skills 378.1702812 for books on study skills generally, with the subject for skills specifically pertaining to a subject, e.g. 070.43072 for study skills for journalists
Presentation Skills 808.6
Money management 378.3


Yet More Books and Where to Find Them

Here's some topics and where you can find more books on them:

Topic held in the library Where to find these
Health 613
Fitness 613.7
Sport 796 is a good place to start, but also 613.71
Yoga & Pilates 613.71 or 613.719

More Like This

When you find a book on the library catalogue, if we've got any similar books these will display at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to click on the title of any book you're interested in that appears in the 'More Like This'  section and look at the classification number, because this might not be the same as the one on the book you were initially looking at.