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Leisure Reading Collection: Home

Information on how to access literature to enhance your leisure time!

What is the Leisure Reading Collection?

The Leisure Reading Collection is a small collection of titles for pleasure reading and books chosen specifically to enhance your wellbeing whilst studying with DMU. With books by a diverse range of authors, the collection offers an insight into lives and cultures from around the world. In amongst the shelves you will find novels of all types, and resources connected with health and wellbeing, like mindfulness. The collection also houses graphic novels and biographies. Want to know more? Use the tabs across the top of this guide to navigate and answer some of these questions:

* Where is the collection housed? * How is the collection arranged and how can I use it?  

* Can I use the public library? * What's currently being featured? * Free to read electronic books

Some titles from the collection

Some titles from the collection

Some titles from the collection